Lucy Khan - Fart fetish JOI and Foot Humiliation CEI

Wow. I can almost feel your desperation through the screen. Look at you drooling after My perfect Asian Goddess body...but unfortunately for you, we both know that there's nothing a pathetic loser like you could ever offer Me that would hold My attention...except maybe the last shreds of your dignity. The only way I would even look in your general direction is if you do EVERYTHING I say, no questions asked. And I mean EVERYTHING. No matter now humiliating or degrading, some attention from Me is better than none, right? And if it means turning yourself into a foot licking slave boy who pines for the scent of My farts, then you'll be on your knees with your nose in My crack lickty-split. LOL, it's so funny to Me how EASY it is to control little sissy dorks like you. I know you'll do anything to bring a smile to My face, so you better get ready for the ultimate humiliation. That's right, I want you to take off your pants and pull out your dick. You heard Me! Take the little worm out and follow My every instruction and maybe, just maybe, you'll get a sniff of My ass air blown in your general direction...

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