Goddess Brandon - Blackedmailed by Long Toenails

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Manipulating you is so easy, you are such a sucker for long, pedicured toenails and fingernails too but especially those long toenails on top of my long toes and elegant freshly pedicured feet. When you see my toenails your BBdick throbs, it's hardly a BBdick, it's a microdick, a physical disability that you can't do anything about and because of that you're easily wrapped around my pretty little toe link a tight, toe ring and hanging off my every word. You crave Blackmail-fantasy and control. You want nothing more than for a beautiful, powerful woman to take control over you and your sad, wittle dickie and take your money and false dignity while I'm at it. Be my next blackmail-fantasy bitch and grovel for my toes.

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