The Mean Girls - Queen Grace, Goddess Platinum - Fit-bit Slave

Queen Grace and I would like one of these devices that counts our footsteps throughout the day. However, we don't really like wearing the watches or other devices that are required for it. They just don't look good with our outfits sometimes, you know? So Grace has this GREAT idea. (She has an extensive science background, you know!) She is so British and SMART. She has devised a way to shrink YOU down to the size of a gummie-bear candy! (And just as squishy and resilient too, apparently! So watch this clip to find out where we are going to "store" you all day long, and what your one single "duty" will be! Let's just say it will be agonizingly painful and totally dizzying for you...but we don't care. You will spend the entire day having your tiny, helpless little body being stepped on over and over and over again....THOUSANDS of times a day...and you better be counting every step for us! Watch the clip for more details...and to hear how little we care about your "well-being" as we plan on using you for this this task.

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The Mean Girls - Queen Grace, Goddess Platinum - Fit-bit Slave 10% more days with any membership
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