Goddess Kylie Jacobs - Socks and Soles Obsession

You love my feet, don't you... they make you so weak... they drive you crazy, you can't get enough of them. Go ahead, stare at them... jerk off to them if you want. You know you want to. You know you can't help yourself, can you! Haha, I knew you couldn't. You're pathetic, you're so weak, you can't help but stroke! That's okay, stroke away! Haha!

I slowly remove a white sock, revealing my beautiful sole.

My feet are so perfect, aren't they? They make you so weak, and stroking your cock to my feet makes you even weaker... to the point where you have no control whatsoever! You live for my feet, you can't handle going a full 24 hours without looking at them!

You love being in the presence of my feet, don't you. It's the only place that makes you truly happy. It's the only time that you can actually cum... when you're looking at my feet. Your life has become so pathetic that you've gotten to that point. Haha! How embarrassing is that!?! Haha! You're such a loser!

At the end, I'll give you a cum countdown... make sure you cum exactly when I tell you, or there will be consequences! Haha!

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Goddess Kylie Jacobs - Socks and Soles Obsession

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