Bratty Bunny - Expensive High Heels and LEGS JOI Game

I want to have a fun Jerk Off Game with you. To five pairs of my heels and my long sexy legs. I'm going to f0r.ce you to masturbate to them all. Under my commands. I start with some flats. That's not going to do, is it? My sexy bare legs have your eyes glued to the screen. Now here's how this is going to work. If you cum early to this clip, you have to buy me an expensive pair of heels from my wishlist. Let's start with my first pair of heels. A nice pair of Louboutin's. Simple and ultra hot. I'll walk around and tease you with every pair. Showing off, making you stroke. Teasing your dick with stop and go. I'll make you jerk off to my legs and heels. I'm going to really mess with your head with the count downs. See if you squirt. HeHeHe!

MP4 * 539 MB * 00:19:36 * 1920x1080

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