Cory Chase - Cum on my Pantyhose

You decide to meet with your therapist one afternoon, because you've been having some sexual issues that you can't talk about with anyone else. During your session, you can't help but notice your therapist's legs in nude pantyhose. Your therapist asks you if you think that it's her legs that are turning you on or if it's the pantyhose. You tell her that it's definitely the pantyhose! She asks you to take off one of her heels and reach out and touch her pantyhose. You do what you are told to do. "Why don't you take your penis out and touch it for me? Don't be shy!" she tells you. Then she puts both of her feet in your face and tells you to take a big whiff! She pulls out a pair of black thigh highs and slowly pulls them up her legs. She puts her feet around your cock and grinds her feet up and down on your hard cock. You want to cum so badly, but you try to resist! Your therapist starts moving her feet up and down faster and harder, and she tells you that you are allowed to cum now. "I see you want to worship my calves that I work so hard on!" she tells you. She lies down on her stomach on the couch and jerks you off in that position now, so you can stare at her calves with the pantyhose on them. Her feet end up bringing you to orgasm and it feels so good! "Next week we should explore this a little bit more! You should be very proud of all that you've accomplished today... I know I am!" she assures you.

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