Danielle Maye - Putty In Your Hands

This is a custom clip from my friend in Florida he has asked – I would love it if you could do a video for me involving your feet. This will be a P.O.V. virtual foot massage video. Here is how the video would go. I want you to pretend that you’re my girlfriend, and you work as a secretary. You come home complaining about your sore feet and you ask me for a foot massage. So I give you the best Foot massage you’ve ever had. Now you don’t have to have someone rubbing your feet. You can just stick your feet towards the camera like it’s my hands. The only thing I request that you wear is black pantyhose And the only specific things I want you to say is “your making me melt”, “I’m melting in your hands, and “I’m putty in your hands.

MP4 * 1.05 GB * 00:09:13 * 3840x2160

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