Carlie - Schoolgirl Dirty Foot Worship and CEI

I invited you over to tutor but I lied I don’t need tutoring. What I really need is a foot slave. My feet have gotten all dirty from walking around barefoot and I need a slave to lick them clean. Get on your fucking knees, now. You’re my personal foot pig now. After I spit on my soles, making them more filthy you are going to worship, lick, and eat the dirt and spit off my feet. Licking my pretty dirty soles clean is your job now. You’re going to eat every speck of dirt off my feet and thank me. You look so foolish down on your knees licking my grimey, spitty, feet. Don’t forget to clean between my toes with your tongue, pig. I bet you’d love to cum for me wouldn’t you? To blow your load while your licking my feet. Be a good slave and stay down on your knees and jerk off onto the floor. Don’t stop licking and eating the dirt off my feet while you blow that load on the floor. Now that I’ve rubbed my dirty spitty feet in your spunk you’re going to lick that up. Lick my grimey cum covered feet clean piggy.

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