Autumn Jones - Cheerleader Gives You A Sockjob

Your a cheerleader you just got back from practice you wearing your cheerleading uniform sneakers and white knee high socks the top can be stripped as long as the bottoms are plain white is good you need money for the weekend and you know I have a sock fetish so you take off your shoes and put your dirty sweaty socked feet in my face and tell me to smell them ask me if they smell good after 5 or 6 min if that you see I'm rock hard and tell me if I give you $500 you will give me the nest sockjob of my life so I give the money next you use a squirting dildo and give it a sockjob until it cums all over your socked feet can you do a lot of rubbing the head of the dildo with your socked feet that would be great and my name is Johnny

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