Kelly Sunshine - Foot Assassin

There's something about Me that intrigues you. My boots make you weak in a way you can't describe. I want you to worship these boots. Worship My pretty feet and the ground I walk on. I'm going to tie you up and make you worship My feet. Feeling My soft sexy soles against your face and smelling My toes sends you into a daze... Are you feeling dizzy? Well, I have a confession to make. No man has ever escaped the power of My feet. In fact, My feet are so powerful, I was sent here to assassinate you beneath My soles. Not such a bad way to go out, but I can guarantee, today, you are going out... My feet paralyze you, there's no fighting back. I'm going to you to d34th with My pretty feet. Don't worry, I'm gracious enough to let you masturbate while I you...

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