Jerk To My Feet - Marilyn Mansion - Uber Drivers Detour

Marilyn Mansion is riding shotgun in your Uber, bare feet perched up on the dashboard. Tasked with driving her to brunch with her parents, she notices your gaze has fixated on her feet rather than on traffic. Unfortunately your foot fetish is imperiling Marilyn’s safety. She offers you a choice: focus on the road or pull over and focus on her feet.
Safely parked now, Marilyn begins playfully teasing. She rubs her bare soles along the dashboard and silences the radio with her toes. You are next treated to an opportunity to admire Marilyn’s fresh pedicure up close. She details a devilish list of ways in which you can worship her toes before telling you to pull out your cock.
Marilyn demonstrates exactly how she wants you to stroke, gliding her hands up and down the bottoms of her feet. Her pace accelerates and your hand becomes a blur flying along your shaft as she cheers you on. Exploding in climax you somehow can’t land a drop on her feet.
Amused for now, Marilyn directs you to resume the route. She has somewhere to be and no time left to spare a perverted driver.

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