Miss Ivyophelia - Foot Slave Keep Tributing Pov

Little Foot Slave. You love it there on the floor, beneath My feet.

You've never felt so...at peace. With such purpose before. You keep sending. Over and over. The more you send, the more you can stroke. My voice, so soft, pushes you to send more, stroke more.

These feet, My beautiful silky nylon toes, they wash a warmth over you. Your muscles relax and you can't help but send, Send more. Sending over and over until your sweet little wallet is dry for Me.

Enjoy this new place beneath Me. Send. Stroke. Send. Worship. Good foot boy, you know where you belong: Below Me and My delicious toes.

The way to impress me is by buying my Spoil Me tributes and giving me a fat tip along with this video. This clip is just a taste, you keep spending to make it worth my time

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