Mistress Arelia - Rock Paper Scissors Send Interactive Foot JOI Game

Hello, foot bitch! It's time to play a little game...Rock, Paper, Scissors, to be exact.

But, there is a special twist. The rules are as follows:

There will be 9 rounds. For each round, if you lose, you are required to complete the given task as punishment - these tasks may include sending, CEI, light CBT, and humiliation. If you win, you are allowed to stroke for 30 seconds (as timed on the screen after each round). If there is a tie, you are also to stroke for the 30 seconds, but you must count it as a “win” for Me in the overall score, thus riling you up more for your potential ruin.

At the conclusion of all 9 rounds, I give a JOI, ending with a countdown. If I have a higher overall score (5/9 or more), you are required to ruin your orgasm. If you have a higher overall score, you are allowed to cum for real.

All the while, My soles are on full display as I casually humiliate you for being a foot-obsessed, cum-guzzling loser and guide you through My devious little game.

So, are you ready to play?

MP4 * 1.46 GB * 00:20:18 * 1920x1080

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