Miss Untamed - Matthews Humiliating Babysitting Adventures

You my step-mother just got home from the gym and demand that I Matthew massage your bare smelly soles immediately. You tell me that while you were at the gym you ran into my ex-girlfriend Heather who has been dating my former Bully. You tell me that he and she are so happy together and that they both think it's pathetic that I turned out to be a foot slave to my own step-mother. Heather can't believe she dated me and has no idea what she ever saw in me. You tell me that Heather thinks I'm a huge sissy wimp especially after seeing me in my panties while on our vacation in Hawaii. You then tell me that you and step-Aunt Valerie are going out to the movies tonight and Heather and Brad are coming over to watch the place because you need someone to watch over me. You tell me that Heather has been given full authority over me as per you while she's babysitting. You tell me that I will be wearing my panties and pink dress for Heather when she and Brad are babysitting me. You tell me that Heather and Brad will be in charge. You're also allowing Heather to get foot worship from me. You tell me that you can only imagine how bad her smelly cheerleader soles are. Lol. Brad who is also a jock has smelly feet and I will be attending to his feet as he makes out with my ex-girlfriend.. Afterward, when you return you will expect me to attend to your feet as well.

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