Goddess Allexandra - Gym Perv

I've seen you staring at the gym, lusting after me; wishing you could get the attention of someone so perfect. I have even clocked you checking out my trainers, dribbling at the thought of my sweaty feet. My white socks look so cute, ad you want to be there when i peel them off.

I know your type, dirty fucking pervert. You are going to be pumping your dick so hard to this clip. You love that I’m so pretty, and so fucking mean to you. I know just how to turn you on, manipulate you, and extract exactly what I want out of you. It's so easy.

I'm going to describe what it would be like to have my moist sweaty socks on your shaft. Watch and salivate as i pull of my socks off, giving you a full view of my soles. Look how tight my body is in my gym wear. Pervert.

I taunt you with the impeccable view from behind. Socks, ass, and the biggest camel toe.

I know your dick is already going to be rock solid, but you wait until you see my perfect camel toe, the full outline of my neat little pussy. Wait until I pull down my shorts, and reveal my cute panties...

You won't be able to control yourself. I am your British Queen, now; bow down before me, Pervert.

MP4 * 714 MB * 00:09:41 * 1920x1080

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