Mistress Nova - Tax Season Blackmail-Fantasy

You didn't realize how sexy your new financial advisor is until you found yourself staring at her standing in your doorway, looking at you with those dazzling blue eyes. There were a few things she wanted to go over with you in person about your upcoming taxes, but her office was currently under some renovations so you invited her over to your home in order have the meeting as soon as possible. You begin to sweat as you lead her into your home office, what if she's seen all of the money you've spent on those foot fetish websites? Hundreds of dollars worth of transactions....you would be mortified. Nova starts the meeting off going over your business expenses. It becomes increasingly difficult to remain focused on her face instead of how delicious her feet look in those pretty white heels. You would give anything to kneel in front of her and kiss those feet. You begin to fantasize.... and then her body language completely changes when she brings up those charges you were terrified of her finding. You tremble as you hear her tell you she knows everything about your little foot fetish and intends on using it to her full advantage. Nova's lips curve up into a devilish smirk as she watches your face turn white with fear. "As long as you give me complete control over your finances and assets, no one will ever have to find out about this little secret. This is a win-win. You get to serve and work for my pretty feet, and I get to do whatever I want with your money."

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