Kat Soless - Close Up Soles JOI

Foot fetish jerk off instruction video with focus on soles. Lavender painted toes. No nudity. Cum countdown at 7:11. Script: "So, I heard you have an obsession with my feet. All day long, scrolling through pictures, looking at videos, imagining just how lucky you would be to have these feet in your presence. You know what? That's right. I want you to sit back, relax, gaze at these feet and just think about the wonderful fantasies that I could indulge you with. Look at that. My perfect, size 6.5, little feet. Look at the wrinkles, how all those tones come out. Look at how far I can spread them! I know your cock is pulsating. Dying to feel these toes wrapped around them. Stroking that shaft, teasing the tip. I want you to take your hard cock in your hands and start stroking good for me. Nice grip. That's right. Squeeze it for me. Squeeze that hard, throbbing shaft. Now go up and work that tip, give it some nice twists. Just imagine me teasing you with my little toes, and you taking that cock in your hands and rubbing it up and down my wrinkles. So soft. You wanna know what they taste like? Stick that tongue out for me. Now start at my heel, and lick up. Up my arches. Run that tongue across all of my wrinkles, deep into them. Work that tongue. Now up, I want to feel it sliding between my toes. Do me a favor: spit on them. I love it sloppy and wet. Are you picking up the pace for me? Stroke faster. I want you to work that cock. Imagine me grabbing you up between these arches. I mean, just look at that tight little foot pussy. Can you imagine fucking it? That big thick cock sliding between them... going faster, and faster... Feel those wrinkles as you're gliding between my arches. You know, I bet you wouldn't even last a minute. Fucking them nice and fast, they're so soft and creamy. Why, you'd be painting my little lavender toes white - just like the snow. Pick up the pace for me. Look at me spread those toes, and scrunch and wiggle... Think you can last? Let's see. Go faster. Look at you stroke that cock. I bet you are about to explode. My feet have you weak, right on the edge. And you're just so ready to tip over. Give into my feet. Give in to my soles. You gonna cum for me? Cum for me when I tell you to. Explode for me in 3, 2, 1..."

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