Mia Middleton - My Feet Keep You Hooked

You are an addict for these feet. I know you can’t get enough of them.  Look how I wrinkle my soles, point me feet and show off my arches.  You can’t resist my feet and today you won’t.  You will let them consume you yet again as they consume every day of your life.  I want you hooked on my feet, transfixed and totally in love with my soles.  I want you to massage them, feel how soft and supple they are.  Doesn’t that turn you on so much huh.  I know my feet make your dick so hard.  It would be a dream for you to cum on my perfect soles wouldn’t it.  

The more I tease you, rubbing my feet together and spreading my toes you just want to wank so hard for me don’t you.  Wank for me my little foot bitch.  Show me just how you cant resist my feet.

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