Goddess Mina Thorne - Ruining Date Night With Your Wife With My Feet

Hello foot bitch. Is it date night? Are you and your wife going to have a nice, romantic evening that’s going to end with you being able to fuck her lol? Is that why you’re here? Do you need to get horny before the big evening? Awww that’s cute that you think you’re going to come here and stare at my feet, the feet that you are so addicted to, and hold off from cumming so you can go and have sex with your wife? LOL well we know that’s not going to happen. My feet simply have too much of an effect on you. Once you start stroking to my feet, you’re not going to be able to stop. We both know it. You can’t resist cumming to my perfect feet.
Go on jerk that dick, up and down, getting harder and harder by the second because that’s what my feet do to you. I know you’re so weak for my feet. As soon as you start stroking to them you get mindless and stupid. You lose all reason. And you don’t need it, not when you’re here with me. I just want you to stop thinking and jerk that dick. I want you on the edge. I know once I start counting you down, you’re going to explode. I’m going to ruin that date night. You’re not going to have sex tonight because you’d rather jerk to my feet.
You know I’m not wrong. A little foot addict like you can’t resist. Jerking to my feet is so much more satisfying for you than having sex. My feet are your sex life. You’d rather spend hours edging to my feet than fucking your wife. They’re so perfect, aren’t they? You’re addicted to these feet and my little foot addict isn’t getting laid tonight because it feels so much better to rub one out to my perfect feet.
My feet are inside your head, I’ve got such control over you. Now that you’re jerking you’re not going to be able to think rationally. You’re going to give in to your impulses and you want to cum to these feet. In fact I think I’m doing your wife a favor by making you cum to my feet instead of fucking you this evening. I’m sure you suck in bed because all you care about are feet. She’s probably so bored when she’s fucking you. I get to take your money and the satisfaction of knowing I ruined sex for you while I get you more addicted to my feet. That way your wife doesn’t have to deal with fucking you and you get to indulge in your addiction to my feet.
It works out better for everyone involved if you just stop thinking you’re going to have sex tonight and realize you’re simply too far gone. You’re a foot addict. This is what you need. Not sex. You secretly don’t want it or otherwise you wouldn’t have come here, isn’t that right? You never stood a chance but I don’t feel bad for you. You love jerking to them and giving in to your little foot fetish. Does your wife know you’d rather jerk to my feet every night than to have sex with her? If not you should tell her so she can thank me for saving her from you. Then she can finally go get a real man to fuck and not some fucking up foot freak. She can fuck a real man while you sit at home with my feet in your face jerking your life away.
Now let me prove to you that you have no choice but to cum to my feet. I’m going to count you down and when I get to one you’re going to explode and ruin date night. You’re not going to be able to stop stroking. Cum for my feet idiot, you know this feels better than sex. Now you can go on your date but you won’t be able to have sex. And then I know you’ll be back tomorrow for your next little jerkoff session to my feet.

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