Janira Wolfe - Your First Orgasm To Babysitter Janira's Feet

**All shot POV with only Janira speaking and in frame** You can’t sleep, so you get out of bed to go talk to your babysitter Janira, but once you approach the doorway, you feel nervous for some reason, and just stand there for a couple minutes watching her. You watch as your babysitter sits on the chaise and plays on her phone, but then after a few seconds, she appears to be in pain and starts to rub her feet. She gets up to get some oil, which she applies to her feet before continuing to rub. Mesmerized by the sight of your babysitter, you just stare until finally she notices you and asks what you are doing out of bed. You tell her you couldn’t sleep and ask what she is doing. Janira tells you that her feet got pretty sore from playing with you all day, so she was just massaging them…but now that you’re here, maybe you’d want to massage your babysitter’s feet for her? The idea seems very exciting and naughty to you, and makes you feel a way you’ve never felt before, but you like it so you accept your babysitter’s invitation to come closer to her and rub her feet. Once you’ve been rubbing for a little, you notice the feeling get stronger, and it’s making something happen in your pants. Your babysitter knows you and detects your concern. She asks you what’s wrong, assuring you that you can tell your babysitter anything, and you’ve grown so close over the years that you do trust her with anything- so you tell her about the feeling, and admit that this is something you have never felt before. Janira is more than understanding, and explains to you that you are just becoming a big boy, and this feeling is perfectly normal! Of course your babysitter, the first girl outside your family that cared for you, and that you’ve learned to trust, would become the subject of your desire. And not only does your babysitter have beautiful feet, but being attracted to her feet is very natural, as you have been so close to them in height while growing up. Janira then asks you if you’ve noticed the urge to touch your penis, and grants you permission to do so. She explains that you’re going to have to rub your penis, and it’s going to feel really good, and that it can help it feel even better to have encouragement from your babysitter while looking at her pretty feet! As she instructs you in stroking your penis, Janira reflects how it might feel like it’s going to explode, and that’s because it is- and when it does, it’s going to be the best feeling you’ve ever experienced in your whole life. When you feel that first orgasm, it’s going to make you fall even more deeply in love with your babysitter, which is totally normal. Who better to teach you the workings of your body and to coach you through your first masturbation than your babysitter! Your babysitter encourages you to stroke your penis up until you feel like it’s going to explode, when she gives you a countdown to your first orgasm! Now, you’re nice and tired and ready to go to bed.

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