Miss Honey - Barefeet Sexy Therapist Manipulates Pantyhose Addict

I know you’ve spent a lot of time trying to cure your pantyhose addiction. And I know you haven’t succeeded. You just can’t seem to cure it. So I want to start some nylon therapy with you. I’m going to be your therapist and to start I want you to confess to me everything you like about pantyhose, stockings, legs and feet. Don’t leave out any details. And slowly step by step, you’re going to learn how to handle it and how to behave. But the best part is that you will have to worship my legs and feet in pantyhose, how else are you going to learn?So to start I want you to stroke and touch my legs in my pantyhose and tell me how that makes you feel. How do you feel when you stare at my legs in pantyhose? I need to know everything you think and feel in order to help you. Does your cock get harder when I caress my legs? I can tell by the look on your face that we have so much work to do, but I know you’re going to enjoy our sessions.How do you feel when I take my high heel off and put my pantyhose covered foot in your face? Hmm yes I see what that does to you. Smell them, inhale my aroma from my nylon feet. You love the touch and taste and smell of them, don’t you?From what I can tell you will never be able to cure this addiction. You can only learn how to behave when you’re in public. I know when you’re in public that girls in pantyhose give you this intense desire to jerkoff. But don’t worry, I’m going to teach you to control that. You’re going to learn to enjoy the view without touching your weak cock.Now get down your knees by my feet and just look at my legs. When you have a nylon addiction, it is absolutely natural to worship them and to have the desire to touch yourself. I know you want to stroke it right now for your sexy therapist’s legs. I know this probably isn’t what you expected but it’s the only way to teach you. Stroke it to my pantyhose. Your nylon addiction is so strong, you’re going to need to see me a few times a week, maybe even more often, it depends how desperate you are. Don’t be embarrassed about taking your cock out, I’m really not interested in your cock, only your kinky mind and how we’re going to cure that addiction.Pump your cock, I know you love this view, it’s really addictive as I tease you with my pantyhose legs. You really can’t stop, can you? Soon you’re not only going to be addicted to pantyhose, but you’re going to be addicted to our sessions. Soon you’re going to be begging me to come back and see me as often as possible. I want you to realize that there is no way out, no escape from your nylon pantyhose addiction. You have to worship them all the time. You'll be so addicted to my pantyhose legs that you'll be able to control yourself when you're in public. You will only need my legs and feet. This is how we will cure you.

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