Hot Juls - Bratty Chastity Foot Tease and Denial

My feet is what got you here. You've been jerking off to my feet so much that i've locked you up. What makes you think you allowed to stroke to my gorgeous sexy feet? You want to take off your chastity so bad, jerking off while worshipping my sexy feet, cute toes, soft soles, high arches. You would do anything to stroke right now. Too bad, i want your pathetic dick locked. Is that pre-cum in your chastity? Yes it isyou are just so weak for my sexy feet. Don't fool yourself, sweetie, i will NOT allow you to be unlocked. The only way you could stroke is if you stroke yourself against your chastity device like a total loser. Oh how you wish my feet could rub against your BARE throbbing cock right now!!!

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Hot Juls - Bratty Chastity Foot Tease and Denial 10% more days with any membership
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