Goddess Natalie - Shoe dangling ignore clip

My feet look amazing and y long legs look even more mesmerizing, entrancing without me doing a single thing at all. And you know how horny they make you and how incredibly hard it gets for you to resist jerking off to me dangling my shoes, even when I don't pay any attention to you at all...or should I say especially then? Especially when I ignore your pathetic ass and don't look at you even once. The more a hot Goddess like me ignores you, the more it reminds you of how much of a pathetic loser you are and that's even more impactful than my verbal is, isn't that so? It makes you so incredibly horny, that I should be asking you to pay double for an ignore clip than you do for one where you get my full attention! Well...I'm sure you will find a good way to thank me for giving you this opportunity!

MP4 * 678 MB * 00:10:07 * 1904x1088

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