Dominant Princess - Edge To My Feet

I feel like teasing you with My feet, My yummy soles, My sexy red polished toes and making you edge to them! From beginning to end you will stroke but you cannot and will not blow it until I say so! That means just over 24 mins of edging to My feet, quite the challenge I think! Do you think it will be pain or pleasure for you? I can guarantee the end will be worth it!

I will have My beautiful soles right in front of you as well as My sexy red polished toenails, this will be constant teasing for you! I have some exact instructions for you too! When to stroke, when to stop. When to squeeze and go faster. I’ll make you put extra effort in when I feet like it yet make you keep control of yourself all at the same time, such a mean tease!

You’ll get to focus on what you love most too though don't worry I'll let you use your thumb and finger for a short while if you’re struggling-fantasy-play only then to make you go harder again! Right at the end you’ll have to wait for the snap of My finger. Just do as your told footboy, it’ll all be worth it.

MP4 * 915 MB * 00:24:36 * 1920x1080

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