Bratty Seduction - Fucked By Naomi Swann

To Naomi Swann, you're nothing but a fuck puppet. Something for her to bounce up and down on her dick. On your knees, she'll test the limits of your throat. Demonstrating pumping in and out of your mouth, her hips thrusting in a rhythmic motion. A wide smile spreads across her red lips as she enjoys the thought of having you on your back, legs high in the air; such a vulnerable position and easier for her to sink deeper into your hole. The pleasure she receives in fantasies of using you as her fuck puppet is clear in her expressions and tone of voice, getting lost just as her dick will in the pits of your stomach. When Naomi gets a hold of you she'll show no mercy. She desires to claim all of your holes as her own.

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Bratty Seduction - Fucked By Naomi Swann Jerk off me

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