British Bratz - Lady Nat - Men Are Toys

Have you accepted this yet? That you are no more than a pawn to me. A mere puppet aching for me to pull on its strings. You are nothing to me. Never was and never will be but this just fuels your desire for me. It encourages your weakness and drives you wild with lust to devote yourself to me. You are desperate to be toyed with, emotionally, financially and sexually.

You are just so easy to tease, to manipulate and to ensure that I get everything I want. I have weakened you so intensively that you need me. You don't want to be left in that toy box with all the abandoned, unwanted toys. You want to make an impression, you want to be noticed and you ache to be used. My curves make your dick throb uncontrollably and as always you think via your dick and you are on your knees in submission.

Take in my curves, my ass, my voice and my entire perfection and embrace your life as a toy worker of mine. Follow my demands and give yourself entirely to your owner. You need me, remember this.

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British Bratz - Lady Nat - Men Are Toys Jerk off me

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