Bratty Bunny - SPH Chastity

You know why I have to put you in chastity, don't you? No? C'mon, be honest with yourself. I think you know. ... What's that? I didn't quite hear you. Don't mumble! That's right! It's because you have such a small penis! Little dicklets like yours don't deserve to cum. You've probably never satisfied a woman, have you? I asked you a question... No? No what? I want you to say it! Say, "I have never used my tiny little penis to satisfy a woman." And since your little penis has never made a woman cum, it wouldn't be fair if you got to cum, would it? No, you definitely need to be locked up in chastity. You deserve to be chastity. I'm going to make you say the reasons out loud. How long do you think you should be kept in chastity for? For having such a small penis, choose carefully. I've already written down the number of days I think is appropriate. If you pick the bigger number (or the same as mine), I'll use yours, but you won't get to see what number I wrote down. If I pick the bigger number, I will DOUBLE it and show you my number as proof. Example: If you pick 15 and I pick 10, you get 15. Example, If you pick 10 and I pick 15, you get 30.

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Bratty Bunny - SPH Chastity Jerk off me

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