Mina Thorne - Mentally Programmed Sissy

This masculine facade you present to the world is incredibly amusing. We both know it's a lie, deep down inside there is a feminine sissy begging to be let free and serve me. As I lead you through a deeply relaxing tr4nce, pushing you down deeper and deeper with each breath, opening your mind and psyche to me, I gain access to the darkest corners of your mind. Slowly, seductively, I begin to program you, feel that hosiery against your skin, so sexual, so...right. As your prissy panties slip up against your body you feel your dick twitching in response. Using your sexual desires you begin to sexualize the entire feminine process, accumulating into an explosive release in your sissy panties. Yes, you are my obedient girl. Mind control, mental programming, tr4nce, brain washing, sissy training, sl4ve training, NLP, masturbation instruction, female domination

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 Mina Thorne - Mentally Programmed Sissy Jerk off me

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