Lindsey Leigh, Goddess Jessica - Greedy Goddess Tease

Get ready, foot pervs! Devine Goddess Jessica and I are ready to step all over you. You're always sitting around somewhere just waiting for us to pay attention to you. How pathetic are you? We know you so desperately want to be a good boy but you're're just a worthless excuse for a cock. Its time for you to earn your keep and pay to be honored with our attention. If you behave...maybe we'll let you cum. We spend all day long telling losers like you what to do, when to touch their dicks and what to buy for us next. It's time for you to buy us more shoes for you to worship our gorgeous feet in. We know you can't resist them, you are so weak.

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 Lindsey Leigh, Goddess Jessica - Greedy Goddess Tease Jerk off me

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