Natasha's Bedroom - Squirt Like A Sissy

I know that little clitty is throbbing with excitement. Sissy wants to cum doesn't she? Good girl. Put on your panties. Paint those cocksucking lips. And then lie down in bed with me for a lesson in female ejaculation.
Do sissies ejaculate like men? No! Sissies squirt and gush into their sexy little panties.
Rub that nub like a horny little slut as you listen to my words of encouragement and teasing. Think about cock as you get ready to soak your panties. Sissies dream of dick as they gush through their panties.
That orgasm building and building, waiting for my permission, and then...squirt, sissy!

This is how sissy will cum today, and every day from now on: like a girl.

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Natasha's Bedroom - Squirt Like A Sissy Jerk off me

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