Princess Miki – You Are A Slave To Financial Domination

Am I your sex life now? Am I the only thing that gets you off? I am, aren’t I? Do you picture fucking me? You don’t, do you? Sure, I’m a hot girl that put on sexy lingerie… and you jerk off to me. But not to the idea of having sex with me. Because that’s too hard to imagine. It’s not very fun is it? Trying to picture something that would never happen. You know, you used to be able to get off to watching hot girls getting fucked by huge cocks. I don’t even get completely naked. You’ll never see my pussy. You’ll never see it in real life, you’ll never see it in real life. What gets you off is me ruining you, isn’t it? You saw me on the internet. Maybe you bought one of my clips, maybe you ran across my Twitter. But you wanted to have a little taste. What does it feel like? What does it feel like to pay this hot, bratty girl that doesn’t want anything to do with you. And you getting nothing in return. Other than knowing that for a moment, I noticed your tribute. What gets you off is the idea of eternal slavery. There will be moments when you want to stop… stop indulging in your financial domination fetish. But you’re a slave to it. You’re a slave to the rush of hitting send. Giving me everything that you have. Giving me everything that you don’t have. Maybe you’ll even open up a new credit card, to give me even more. Reducing you to nothing. And that thrill is irreplaceable. You don’t even want to have sex anymore. This is everything. You’re addicted. You’re addicted to financial domination. You’re addicted to me. You’re too easy. You’re stuck in the cycle, and even when you try to stop, you’ll always relapse.

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Princess Miki – You Are A Slave To Financial Domination Jerk off me

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