London Lix - I'm On Vacation

I go on vacation a lot. This clip was filmed in May, and was my 5th out-of-state trip for the year, with at least 5 more planned at the time of filming. Now, you know I love to have all my vacations fully sub-funded, and you love to fund them for me, but with those kind of numbers; that's a lot of work collecting my cash!! And I want to be doing anything BUT working, when I'm on vacation. So, I've decided to streamline the process for us. Any time I tweet "I'm on vacation" (or you otherwise know I am), you're going to re-buy this clip, as an easy way of contributing a benjamin towards my holiday expenses. With any luck, it'll push it into the Top Selling clips lists so the rest of the London Lix army can get on board. Think of this as my "vacation pay" if I were to be working a mainstream job; the paycheck that would make it's way to me regardless of if I were in the office or not that week ;) This one clip is going to do most of the work for me (don't worry; there will still be additional tabs to pick up) for the rest of this years' trips, and you'll thank me because even this is more than you deserve me to think of you, when I'm partying it up as you slave away behind your desk. And yes, I've scheduled this to first release when I'm on vacation, so snap it up & make my life more carefree; as it's meant to be:)

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