Natasha's Bedroom - Prostate Pleasure Anal JOI

Are you ready to open that tight hole? There’s so much pleasure waiting for you today. The thrill of doing something taboo, playing with that most naughty hole, is such a rush. But that rush is nothing compared to the pure pleasure of prostate stimulation.
An anal orgasm. A slowly building prostate explosion. Today, you’re going to cum so hard, harder than you ever have before. It won’t be your cock exploding – there’s no playing with your cock today. No jerking, no stroking. it’s going to be an ass-gasm.
Fingers, a buttplug, a dildo. I’ll be training your asshole with different forms of stimulation and stretching. We’ll take our time, gently getting that hole ready for more. The intensity builds step by step, until you’re stretched wide and begging to fuck yourself harder.
This anal session is all about feeling good. I won’t humiliate or degrade you – in fact, I think it’s hot when men explore their assholes! There’s nothing but pleasure waiting for you here. And there’s nothing like the pleasure of a slowly building prostate orgasm, with endless encouragement from me.

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Natasha's Bedroom - Prostate Pleasure Anal JOI Jerk off me

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