Chloe Love - Spanked in Front of Your Crush

Aw does little miss sissy-panties have a crush on a girl at work? You know the rules sissy – you don’t get to have crushes on girls. Sissies aren’t allowed to lust after real girls let alone have secret crushes on hot girls you work with. You’re gonna need to be punished sissy. My real man is gonna come to your work and he’s gonna spank you right in front of your crush. He’ll pull down your pants and reveal the ultra-feminine panties I make you wear every day. He’ll point out your pink chastity device with your teeny-tiny sissy-stick inside and he’ll spank you while she laughs. That’s what sissies get for having crushes on real girls – humiliated in front of her so she can see you for exactly what you are. My real man is going to put you over his knee and administer a hard spanking to your pantied bottom and he’s not going to stop until he can see tears rolling down your cheeks. You are going to feel so humiliated. Your crush is going to be laughing at you so much while my big strong real man smacks your bottom. I bet your crush will be so turned on seeing him beating you like that. And after he’s done spanking you – I want you to tell her why you’ve been spanked. Tell your crush that my real man had to spank you because you’re a sissy and sissies aren’t allowed to have crushes on hot girls in the office. In fact, I’m going to make you tell all the girls in the office, so they all know you’re a sissy who isn’t allowed to have a crush on any of them. After today – they’re all going to be making fun of you. They’ll ask you what colour panties you’re wearing today and laugh at you. You’ll be the office sissy for everyone’s amusement!

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Chloe Love - Spanked in Front of Your Crush Jerk off me

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