Young Goddess Kim - Goddess Kim’s Cruel Amusement

your life is devoted as My cigarette slave. This is your only purpose and entire existence in your pathetic life and service to Me as your Supreme Goddess. you are My object, My property, My slave to use and command with your sole purpose being My cigarette boy. you kneel in the corner, your head down and wait for My command for you to crawl to Me and present Me with a cigarette. you even have the high honor of lighting the cigarette between My lips that you worship and adore. your mouth is used and your entire body is used and is moulded as My ashtray. I have no use for your cock and balls, they are kept locked in a steel chastity device, the key always around My neck. But today I am unlocking you for a cruel smoking game, your suffering will be My pleasure and amusement. you will look into My eyes and see the joy of your sadistic Goddess as you burn your cock and balls with the hot coal of My cigarette. All while I use your disgusting mouth to discard My ash. Before locking you back up I enjoy **** the cigarette out on you as you lay beneath Me, completely under My power.

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Young Goddess Kim - Goddess Kim’s Cruel Amusement Jerk off me

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