Violet Doll - Eat Ass

Today we are going to discuss rim jobs. Personally I find the idea of eating ass absolutely revolting. There isn’t enough money in the world to convince Me that licking a butthole is a good idea, but that’s just Me. My mouth exists to give commands, seduce u, manipulate u, laugh at you, and enjoy fine food and drink.
I am not here to service anyone. However I realize the majority of My horny little slave boys are absolutely obsessed with My perfect smooth ass. My beautiful round cheeks, My delicious defined crack, and yes even My perfect little asshole.
While I am being honest, u are completely unworthy of ever touching My ass. Not with your hands, not with your face, not with your mouth, certainly never with your cock, but I will gladly indulge your little fantasy.
In this clip I tell u exactly how I would make you lick My crack, tongue fuck My beautiful asshole. Let’s talk about how I want u to eat My ass.

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Violet Doll - Eat Ass Jerk off me

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