Charlotte Stokely - Love Taps

I’m not twisted at all, hehe. I just have a hard time believing you. How much do you love me??? Tell me Or else!!! You better say that I am all you think about every morning or I will beat you. I will beat you until you love me. How will I know if you love me unless you write 100 reasons why? And if you don’t you will get beaten until you do! I am the only one that can make you cum and it seems I have to get Pissed off and annoyed until you get a beating all the time. Sometimes I think the only way you are sincere is if you tell me while you are Yelping that you love me while in pain. I need to hear you in pain to really believe you love me. Oh and thank me for helping you love me with these beatings. Oh and I want presents. So you will spend to show me that you worship me. Keep your ass up as you Yelp I love you!

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