Young Goddess Kim - Leather Lust

you are already like a worm on the floor at My heels. Look up to Me and admire the view from down there. I have heard your pleas, your longing to worship My tight leather ass. It's time I turn you into My permanent leather slave, worshiping every inch and memorising each stitch of My divine leather legs and ass. I'll train you to please Me and your leather licking tongue to arouse Me. Only stroke when I command, I control every second of your time in My presence and nothing is more rewarding then being My thoroughly used leather slave. So thorough indeed that your face soon has no other purpose then being tightly smothered beneath My intoxicating leather ass and pussy. The leather lust I build in you reaches a climax like no other.

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Young Goddess Kim - Leather Lust Jerk off me

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