London Lix - Chastity Begins...

I just want to give you a little introduction to chastity today. I want to get you stroking, immersed in the concept of chastity is, of what it means to make this sacrifice and give up control. I want to get you horny for your cage, and I want you to click your lock shut for me, promising me you'll stay in chastity for your chosen amount of time. You're truly all mine in these hours, days or even weeks you're locked for me; your pleasure is ALL MINE. But now I have you here, now you're weak and vulnerable and have made this commitment...let me tell you when chastity really begins in my world. Because it sure wasn't when you slid into that cage. No no. That would be far too easy... ;)

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London Lix - Chastity Begins... Jerk off me

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