Natasha's Bedroom – Cuckold Cognitive Dissonance

There are two parts of every cuckold’s brain: there’s the submissive, beta male mind screams please please PLEASE cuckold me! It craves to serve hot girls and the alpha men who fuck them. And then there’s the caveman mind, programmed into all men, that wants pussy ALL FOR ITSELF. It’s the part of your brain holding you back from becoming the best little cuckold you can be. All cuckolds have these two minds, acting simultaneously, forever in conflict with one another.
It’s the cuckold cognitive dissonance paradox. And today I’m going to resolve that paradox, leaving you with only your one true CUCKOLD mind.

Do you want to be the best cuckold you can be? Nod your head, and stroke your pussy denied dick. Good. You and I have the same goal. We want the same thing, and that means there’s no reason to resist my brainwashing.

My teasing, visual and verbal, amplifies. I’m summoning your cuck brain, which gets louder and louder the more turned on you are. When your cuck brain is out, your caveman brain retreats…and retreats…far into the distance.

The mental exercises begin. The power of your caveman mind attenuated, channeled into your cuckold mind, until nothing is left of the former. Word by word, step by step, stroke by stroke, until you are all cuckold and only cuckold.

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 Natasha's Bedroom – Cuckold Cognitive Dissonance Jerk off me

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