Princess Carmela - We Beat Cuckolds

Me n my BF like kicking losers in the nuts and torturing them before we fuck. It gets us all hot. Do you want to sacrifice yourself for our amusement and pleasure? Then write in to me! We will beat you, burn u with cigarettes, kick you, and LITERALLY walk all over you. Maybe we will both stand on you while we makeout LOL.

And then when you are left there in a bl000dy mess on the floor, all broken and battered, we will flop onto the bed and fuck- while you have to lay there and listen LOL. You better recover in time to serve us breakfast in bed, loser!

WE get all the pleasure – and YOU get all the pain! It sounds GREAT to US! So send in your applications! Oh, and did we mention this is a PAYING position? Yeah, YOUR loser ass needs to pay US! Haha.

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Princess Carmela - We Beat Cuckolds Jerk off me

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