Serenity Sky – Dirty Disney Shoes

Back from another beta funded vacation. I had so much fun, vacationing on a beta bitches dime. However I noticed that u didn’t contribute to my vacation.. I have now choice but to punish you now, for not submitting and paying, now down to your knees loser, it is time for you to serve. I wore these Jordan’s all day long at Disneyland. Walking around the dirty theme park, through spit, dirt, germs, shit, rotten food, & so much more. They got awfully dirty and I want YOU to lick them clean. OH what’s that? you can’t manage to get them clean? then send me a new pair or the funds to buy it for myself or whatever I want. Go on now, bitch, send or lick until it sparkles like new.

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Serenity Sky – Dirty Disney Shoes Jerk off me

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