Natasha's Bedroom - Sissy Cocksucking Challenge

There are several skills that ALL useful sissies MUST be trained to master. The ability to suck cock, with enthusiasm and endurance, is at the very top of the list. It's a sissy fundamental. After all, a sissy's mouth is nothing more than a cock hole. That's why I've prepared this cocksucker training challenge just for my little slut. You'll need to have a dildo and a timer ready for me.

Time for the challenge to begin. I'll be focusing on your sucking endurance today. After you're pantied up and feminized, you'll put that cock down in front of you. Who is my little cocksucker?? This slutty girl is! Start the timer. Pull your face down into that cock, and feel it enter your mouth. How long can you go without....well, I'll tell you the specifics once you're watching. But needless to say, you WILL show me just how much you love SUCKING COCK today.

This challenge has an interactive option.

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Natasha's Bedroom - Sissy Cocksucking Challenge Jerk off me

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