London Lix - Panty Wearing Chastity Cuck for BBC

You have a really pathetic combination of fetishes, don't you? Not only are you a cuck bitch, but you also need to be locked in chastity. But not only are you a chastity cuck, but you're a chastity cuck for big black cock. It has to be BBC that you're worshiping, it makes all the difference for you. You know that there are superior white cocks out there, but it just takes you to the next level for you mentally to think about your wife or gf getting railed by a big black cock while you're locked in chastity and panties. You need some panties over your chastity sissy clit. We both know it doesn't provide your wife any pleasure at all.

But she doesn't fuck you anyway, and why would she when she can be taking a huge black cock that she loves. You know that being in chastity and panties is exactly where a little dick loser like you belongs while you watch you watch your wife fuck and suck bbc. Go on and wank your little weiner for it if it's not already locked in chastity. Did your wife take control? Does she have your key around her neck right now? Do you watch the key bounce in between her cleavage while she's getting pounded by that bbc? BBC that you can't compare to.

I can understand having one or two of these fetishes but to plunge to this level really shows me that you know exactly what a fucking loser you are. You'll never please your wife, she doesn't want your shrimp dick, she wants big, black cock. You're just a panty wearing chastity cuck bitch for bbc now. Do you expect your wife to take you seriously when you have on some pretty panties? LOL! If you were to both spread your legs she would have panties that hides a pussy that's been railed by bbc, and yours would be panties, hiding a clitty, locked away where it belongs.

Your little dick deserves to be locked away. You can't fuck with it, what good is it? You just make little squirties in your panties, don't you loser? I'm sure your wife would laugh at you if her mouth wasn't so busy with a big cock in it. You're so pathetic but at least you know you're place, you know you don't get pussy. There's no going back from this. She'll never want to fuck you after seeing you in panties. You're destroying your sex life. Admit it, you worship big black cock. The bbc that fucks your wife. You're the lowest of the low. Not only do you want to see your wife get fucked by another man but it has to be bbc while you sit there all locked up in women's panties

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London Lix - Panty Wearing Chastity Cuck for BBC Jerk off me

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