Hot Juls Fetishes - Sunday Football Cuckolding

This story is based on true events. Yes it happened! Every Sunday you and your brother get together to watch football and drink some beers. I like to stay home on Sundays because I’ve always found your brother hot, better looking than you, and rumor has it, he has much bigger cock than yours. I always see your brother checking me out. He squeezed my ass a few times during family gatherings. There is lots of sexual chemistry between him and I…He makes my pussy so wet. We’ve had some candid conversations on a phone. I told him that your dick doesn’t satisfy me anymore, it’s too small and i’ve been so horny lately. I know you don’t mind sweetie , because you’ve told me that you enjoy the idea of other men pleasuring me. So, he will be coming over today but NOT to watch football. We will go in our bedroom and fuck for hours and you will be stuck watching football by yourself in another room. As soon as he creampies my pussy, i will let you come in the bedroom, go underneath me and slurp your Brother’s hot load out of my wet pussy. Oh, imagine how good it will feel to serve us, lick every drop of his cum , pre-cum and all he fuck juice. He said that if you do a good job licking his load out of my pussy, he will come over Every Sunday to fuck me, since you can’t satisfy me anymore. Honey, to tell you the truth you are not a man , your brother is a man, he knows how to satisfy a woman. He knows what i want and how i want it : i want it deep, raw and intense. From now on it’s your brother’s pussy. I know we are married, but this pussy belongs to him now. Put on your chastity because you will not be fucking my pussy anymore.

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Hot Juls Fetishes - Sunday Football Cuckolding Jerk off me

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