Eva de Vil - Intense Tiny Dick Jerking CEI

I'm are not going to waste any time today. I see how utterly pathetic you are for me. Pull out your pathetic excuse of a cock and begin stroking it with 2 fingers, just like I am on this tiny tube of lipstick. You will follow each of my rapid jerking motions stroke for stroke. I, Goddess Eva, am in control of you and your tiny cock, and you must do whatever the fuck I want if you're to keep me happy. After some intense stroking, I tell you to hump the air in pure desperation, causing you a great deal of frustration.

I make you repeat humiliating phrases again and again as I ridicule you in vicious brat mode. I sneer and remind you how pathetic you are for me. I know you're going to make a mess, but the only way I'll allow you release is if you lick it all up for me. Every disgusting drop to show me that you understand what a desperate bitch you are for me.

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Eva de Vil - Intense Tiny Dick Jerking CEI Jerk off me

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