Cruel Girlfriend - Kiki Daniels - I Guess It’s Just Anal For You Now Huh?

Let’s review the predicament you’re in faggot. Your Cruel Girlfriend has locked you away in permanent chastity – the lock has been destroyed and the key has been thrown away – you’re all locked up forever. You get no more girls, you get no more jerking off and you get no more fleshlight. Boo-fucking-hoo loser. Your cock has no access – which I guess means it’s just anal for you from now on huh? Aw now that really is pathetic. Let’s look at what that means for you loser. You’re reduced to a sex-life of butt-plugs, anal hooks, strap-ons and monster dildos. If you want any kind of sexual relief you’re going to have to push back on a stiff object and take it like a girl – an anal-only girl! I should pity sissy wimps like you – all locked up in chastity and made to fuck yourselves just to feel some sexual pleasure. I should feel sorry for you – filling your own ass with plugs and dildos but it’s just so funny! It’s entertainment for me to lock you up and leave you with no option but to become a faggot. That’s basically your options now sissy – either you fuck yourself with stuff while pretty girls laugh at you or you become a faggot for gays to use. Either way, you’ll stay locked in that device forever and you’re only way to cum will be from taking it in your ass. Push something inside yourself right now faggot – I want you to watch this clip as you fuck yourself. I want you to hear me humiliating you and laughing at you as you desperately fuck yourself to an emasculating sissygasm. Push something deep inside your ass faggot – and accept this is the only way you can get off from now on!

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Cruel Girlfriend - Kiki Daniels - I Guess It’s Just Anal For You Now Huh? Jerk off me

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