AstroDomina - BACK TO DENIAL

Sydney know’s you’ve grown to love her special brand of cruelty and denial.. the way she hovers her amazing ass right in your face turns you into her submissive little sock puppet. She is the ruler of your world and loves to keep you denied and frustrated. You’ve purchased so many of her videos but it doesn’t matter, her grip on you has only grown stronger with time, and she’s been denying you for longer and longer periods of time, enduring even more cruel tease sessions over the years
Now you mind becomes a puddle of mush whenever you begin a long, intense teasing session. This is what you want the most, constant teasing, edging, and cruel denial. Listen to her verbally destroy you with her ass right on top of your face! Don’t even think after all this time you’ll escape her ass. It owns you jerkoff. Go on kiss it! Kiss your screen while you jerk it!
Now after denying you for so long, do you think you finally deserve release? Hrm…. She’s going to have to think about it, it may depend how well you follow her instructions and how long you can last while edging and edging to her amazing ass!! If you do well she may even give you a long awaited countdown! Well get to it, poor denied little ass jerker, buy this clip and see if you finally get the release you so desperately need!

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AstroDomina - BACK TO DENIAL Jerk off me

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