Stella Sol - Bullied Episode 4 - It's His House Now

Hurry down for breakfast sweetie… and don’t forget to put on everything I’ve laid out for you today! Awe, what’s the matter??? Still pouting about your birthday surprise yesterday? Now, how did it feel to see your step-sister and your step-mom yelling “happy birthday!” While we were standing next to your bully??? Oh, And when you admitted that you fantasize about him spanking you… the cheerleaders and I could barely muffle our laughing! I guess that’s when he took the key to your special locking high heels… Oh I remember now… your step Step-Sister handed them to him and she begged him to fuck your virgin asshole, hahahaha. She’s such a kidder. I’m sure it was just supposed to be a joke… is your ass still sore, honey??? Awe, well how’s your jaw??? You must have swallowed a gallon of cum. He deserves to be served in this house… Get dressed, sissy. And don’t forget those ribbons… they go in your hair.

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Stella Sol - Bullied Episode 4 - It's His House Now Jerk off me

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