AstroDomina - Seductive Extortion

It’s just all too real now, isn’t it? Now that you’re about to sign your life away to me!
Sydney knows all about your dark fantasies, about how no matter much abuse you take online from Goddesses, there’s nothing like actually giving over all your personal and sensitive information to them. You both know that once she has it, she’s going to use it against you. It’s just so hot to give her all the power to control your money, your freedom, your dick.. and you really won’t have a choice because now with information you’ve given her, she can literally destroy your life!
She truly gets off on holding all your closest personal secrets over your head.. with a simple phone call or few emails she could tear your life to shreds. To make it a little more official, she’s actually drawn up a contract for you to releas all control do her. What will you do?.. are you going to sign it? Do you really have much of a choice??
You hesitate.. this is getting too real! Are you really going to let Sydney take over your life like this? Information is power after all.. but then she begins to sway her Goddess ass right in your face and suddenly you remember who owns you! Go ahead, give her all the information she asks for loser, and get ready to be truly owned by your Goddess!

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AstroDomina - Seductive Extortion Jerk off me

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